"Linda's buckles are part of my everyday wardrobe. Since the day I met her I think I've worn my buckle every day. They are purely original, beautiful and I get compliments everyday. Linda is a sweetheart and someone I'm proud to call a friend."

- Jake Owen

"Both Nancy and I have a Learway Original Buckle, and we love them. They are truly unique. Our buckles were customized especially for us, and we enjoy wearing them."

- George Jones

"It’s awesome that she's able to come up with such creative and original pieces. I've received so many compliments on mine, and it fits my personal style with the John Deere theme. I love wearing things that are different – not the norm you see on everybody."   - Lee Brice 

"I don’t have much custom artwork, and I consider this artwork. To have something that someone took the time to make just for you is really cool. I know I’m not going to see this same buckle on someone else walking down the street."

- Mark Wills

"If you're looking for a rockin' belt buckle, think Learway Originals."  

- Mike Melancon, Emerson Drive

"I absolutely love Linda's work. I asked her to do a bass clef design, and she came up with something so original and creative it blew me away. I always get compliments when I wear it."

- Aden Bubeck, bassist for Miranda Lambert

"Learway Originals created a buckle for me based on my personal style that I feel reflects who I am onstage and off."

Jeff Cease, guitarist for Trent Tomlinson